Manual or Electric Toothbrush?

Manual or Electric Toothbrush

Manual or Electric toothbrush

Brushing your teeth twice a day with soft toothbrush is really important to keep them clean and cavity free. Question is which toothbrush is better for you? Choosing a toothbrush largely depends on personal preference. If you are stuck choosing between the two, remember it is more important to use a toothbrush that helps you brush correctly – whether that means the convenience of electric or the reliability of manual.

To help you understand the difference between these two types of toothbrushes, here are some pros and cons of both type of toothbrushes:


Baby Teeth

Why bother filling baby teeth?

As we all know, baby teeth aren’t permanent, they are the teeth your child will have for several years, until the permanent teeth come through. To preserve your child’s baby teeth, your dentist will sometimes clean out the cavities in baby teeth and fill them. The baby teeth help the adult teeth to come through properly. Losing baby teeth early isn’t good for your child’s permanent teeth. The long-term problems associated with decayed baby teeth and lack of proper treatment can affect your child’ oral and overall health. It seems like wastage of money to fill baby teeth as they aren’t permanent teeth but there are long- and short-term effects of not taking care of baby teeth.



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Pola Luminate Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening with Pola Luminate

Teeth whitening on the Go!

With the busy lifestyle, everyone wants something that is quick easy and effective.

Pola Luminate is a professional grade teeth whitening gel, suitable for maintaining whiter brighter teeth on a daily basis and after professional teeth whitening.

It’s perfect on-the-go, super touch ups which recharge your beautiful white smile in less than 30 minutes. Pola luminate is like a small pen, fits perfectly in your makeup bag and perfect for travelling.Teeth Whitening on the go with Pola Luminate!

  • Brush on and go!
  • No trays required – quick & easy professional tooth whitening
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Only 30 minutes twice a day
  • Over 60 applications – 5.5mL tube



What causes Bad Breath?


Bad breath


Bad breath (medically known as Halitosis) can be the result of poor oral hygiene, types of food you are consuming, lifestyle habits or an indication of health problems. Bad breath is caused by odour producing bacteria that grow in the mouth. Bad breath can be unpleasant for you and people around you. In some people, bad breath needs attention due to some dental or health problems. Having bad breath can be embarrassing and can lead to anxiety and low self-confidence. Bad breath is curable if the causes of bad breath are determined and  preventative measures taken.


There are number of causes of bad breath ranging from poor oral hygiene to medical conditions which need dental or medical attention. Some of the causes of bad breath are temporary but others are ongoing as following:

Causes of temporary bad breath

Sometimes people experience bad breath from time to time which comes and goes because of the certain types of bacteria (that prefer an enviroment that is low in oxygen) that take hold due to the following reasons:

  • Smoking – dries your mouth and causes bad breath
  • Eating certain foods- certain foods like onion, garlic and some spices can cause bad breath
  • Drinking Alcohol- Alcohol can also trigger acid reflux which can cause stomach acids to enter your mouth and cause bad breath
  • After sleeping – Your mouth is dry after you wake up especially if you are breathing from your mouth not nose.

Bleeding Gums?


Bleeding Gums

Do you have inflamed bleeding Gums?

Paying attention to your gums is extremely important for your oral and overall health. Bleeding gums is the most common symptom of gum disease but at the same time it can be the indication or result of other health problems. If your gums bleed often while brushing, it would be a good idea to see a dentist. Gingivitis or Gum disease is a serious cause of gum bleeding but there are number of other reasons that could be the cause of your gum problems. The good news is you don’t have to live with inflamed bleeding gums since there are numerous ways to treat it.

Gum disease

Gum disease or Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums caused by bacterial infection. In the absence of proper oral hygiene, bacteria in the mouth form plaque on teeth. These bacteria may also cause your gums to become inflamed resulting in red swollen bleeding gums. If gingivitis is left untreated, it can cause periodontitis (more serious gum infection). Always talk to your dentist if you are experiencing the following:


Afterpay Dentist


Afterpay dentist

What is Afterpay?

With Afterpay, you can use dental services you need today and pay for them in Four equal instalments later (interest free)

  • Book your dental appointment.
  • Download the Afterpay App.
  • After the treatment, give your Afterpay barcode at the reception.
  • Enjoy a Healthier Smile.

Tips to prevent cavities in teeth!

Tips to prevent cavities in teeth- Heritage Dental Group

Gentle Dentist Brisbane - Heritage Dental Group

How to prevent cavities in Teeth?

Here are few techniques to prevent cavities and decay in your teeth and keep your teeth clean and healthy. Dental decay or cavities cause an array of dental problems starting from toothache, sensitivity, restorative works or root canal treatment.

Follow the tips below to keep your teeth healthy and cavity free:

1. Proper oral hygiene routine

Proper and regular brushing and flossing techniques helps remove everyday plaque, bacteria and calculus from your teeth, tongue and gums. If plaque and food particles are left on and in-between teeth, bacteria will slowly start causing decay to the tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay or cavities. Proper technique of brushing and flossing is important to remove the plaque from teeth. Brushing twice a day with soft bristle brush on 45-degree angle for 2 minutes each and flossing at least once a day should be part of daily routine.



Are sports drinks affecting your oral health?

Sports drinks and your oral health

Sports drinks and teethSports drinks are becoming an indispensable part of playing sports and physical activity for people. Keeping ones body fit and healthy is crucial for an athlete, as successful performance demands training and eating a healthy diet and keeping hydrated. At the same time maintaining good oral health is as important as strengthening the body for optimum athletic performance. Sports drinks have been designed to help professional athletes to recover from their intense athletic activities. Even though consuming sports drinks may help you improve your performance but it is really important to weigh the risks your taking to your oral health.

Tooth decay is on the rise in kids as young as preschoolers. Frequency of taking these drinks is increasing as people prefer to buy sports drinks instead of water to hydrate. Here are some crucial facts about sports drinks affecting your teeth: causing tooth decay and cavities, gum-disease and enamel erosion.

Are sports drinks causing dental erosion?

Some of the facts that contribute to tooth decay:

  • Acidity levels in the sports drink
  • sugar content
  • Frequency of consuming sports drinks
  • Decreased salivary flow when dehydrated

Making Brushing and Flossing fun for kids!

Brushing Kid’s Teeth

Keeping kid’s teeth clean and healthy is extremely important for their overall health and development. At Heritage Dental Group, our team tries their best to demonstrate kids and parents how to brush and floss properly to keep their smile healthy. We know how important a great smile is for a child’s confidence and development. We are passionate about educating children from an early age about the advantages of looking after their teeth and gums. Our dentists are trained to ease children in to dental procedures so that they do not develop phobias that can severely impact a child’s future dental and general health.

Watch this video with your kids- How to brush properly?

 Here are a few steps on how to make your kid’s brushing and flossing fun and keep their teeth clean and healthy:

  • Put your kid’s favourite music on for 2-3 minutes while they are brushing. Brush twice a day using soft bristle brush with gentle circular strokes.
  • Replace toothbrush or toothbrush head every three months.