Zoom Teeth Whitening-How it Works and What it Costs

Zoom Teeth Whitening-How it works and What it Costs

Zoom teeth whitening

What is involved in, in surgery zoom teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is an effective, easy and safe way to lighten stained or discolored teeth. Teeth usually get discoloured over a period of time due to many reasons, like lifestyle, medical conditions, medications, smoking, consumption of tea or coffee. With zoom in-chair teeth whitening you will get little or no sensitivity. 

How long does in surgery zoom teeth whitening take?

Taking only 45 minutes for the whitening procedure, your teeth could be up to 8 shades whiter, reversing stains from food and drinks, ageing, even discoloration from some types of medication.

Best In-Chair teeth whitening in Brisbane – Heritage Dental Group is a professional dental clinic with qualified experienced dentist and staff members. We provide the best teeth whitening treatment available according to your individual needs for the best results. Professional teeth whitening is performed and supervised by the qualified dentist. We only use teeth whitening products from trusted and reputed distributors.

How much does in surgery zoom teeth whitening costs?

Cost – $499 with $50 Cashback rebate till February 2019


In-office teeth whitening treatment can whiten your teeth: 

  • Up to eight shades whiter in just 45 minutes*
  • Includes post-treatment gel to protect sensitive teeth
  • Customised to your needs
Zoom Teeth Whitening

If you are not sure about the options of teeth whitening, please call our office and book your complimentary 30 minute consult with Dr Singh.

Once you’re in the chair, just sit back and relax as our dental professional handles the next steps:

  • The Dentist will prep your mouth for whitening and applies a layer of advanced whitening gel to your teeth.
  • To speed up the whitening process, we’ll shine our WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp onto your teeth. This accelerates the whitening, plus the lamp’s variable settings ensure you’ll get a comfortable experience.
  • This procedure is repeated three times – and is completed in just 45 minutes!
  • Once you’ve reached your desired shade, your dentist will apply post-treatment gel to help protect enamel and reduce sensitivity.

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