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Kids Dental Visits

Why early kids dental visits are important?

Early childhood dental visits are really important for children’s optimum overall health.

Tooth decay is a common chronic disease in children which impacts the growth and quality of their life.

We are introducing an exciting initiative to involve kids in their oral health. We welcome you to bring your kids for their first complimentary dental orientation visit. At Heritage Dental Group, Our team is working hard on making children and adults aware of their oral health and how to prevent gum disease and cavities.

This first dental orientation visit will be informative, relaxing and fun experience for you and your kids. Our aim here is to introduce you and your children to the Dentist, making them familiar with dental sounds and sights and oral hygiene in a positive way.

We will talk about:CDBS

:)Baby teeth

:)Permanent Teeth

:)How to brush and floss teeth?

:)How often to brush your teeth?

:)Importance of healthy diet and how your diet affects your oral health?

:)And last but not the least we provide an oral care pack for your kids to start them on their oral hygiene routine straightaway:)

We bulk-bill your kids dental treatment if they are between the age of 2-17 years old and eligible for Child Dental Benefit Scheme (Medicare).

Contact us to talk to our lovely staff about booking your kids first complimentary orientation visit today.

Kids First Complimentary Orientation Visit to Heritage Dental Group