Fissure Sealants


benefits of Fissure SealantsFissure Sealants

What is a Fissure sealant?

Fissure sealants are the thin coating of white or clear dental materials applied to the fissures or pits of teeth. They are applied to the chewing areas of the molar teeth. These sealants provide good protection from the tooth decay by keeping food and plaque out of the groves. Your dentist will examine your teeth and let you know if you need fissure sealants or not?

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How do fissure sealants help in protecting your teeth from decay?

With deep grooves and pits in the teeth, it is sometimes hard to remove the food and plaque from the teeth which can lead to tooth decay. Sealants help prevent the decay by sealing of the fissures and makes it easier to keep your teeth clean with regular brushing. Children’s first permanent molar come through at the age of 6, at this age it is hard for the children to effectively clean the teeth. Sealing these fissures can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

How are fissure sealants applied?

The Dentist will clean your tooth thoroughly. He will apply a gel which will prepare the tooth, and then wash, rinse and dry the tooth. While keeping the tooth dry, dentist will place the sealant on the surface of the tooth  which will flow into the pits and grooves, this liquid sealant will be left to set and blue curing light will be used to harden it. Dentist will then check your bite and adjust it if it is interfering the way your teeth bite together.

There are no complications associated with this dental treatment, they may need replacement over time. Ask your dentist for more information.

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