Healthy teeth tips!


5 tips for maintaining healthy teeth


  1. Brush twice a dayBrushing at least twice a day reduces your chances of getting decay and bad breath. Brushing removes all the excess food and plaque residue on the teeth, gums & tongue and keeps you teeth healthy and clean. Always use soft bristle brush to clean your teeth and make sure you are not rubbing them too hard. Best time to brush teeth is after meals.
  2. Floss – Flossing removes food and plaque build up in between your teeth. If you are not flossing, you are missing 35% of teeth area. Flossing saves you from getting cavities in between your teeth and bad breath. Once you start flossing, your gums will bleed for day or two and then they will settle down with regular flossing.
  3. Eat a balanced diet – Studies have proven that diet high in sugars and acids is not only causing damage to your teeth but also to your overall health. By eliminating sugary snacks and drinks from your everyday life you can save your teeth and general health. Substitute juices and soft drinks with water, eat fresh fruit and vegetables and limit the intake of sweet treats. Bacteria in dental plaque change sugars into acids which causes cavities and damage to teeth.
  4. See your Dentist regularly – Regular dental appointments can detect early decay and any other dental problems before they start causing you pain and discomfort. Getting your checkup and scale & clean done on 6-12 monthly basis reduces your chances of having gum disease. At Heritage Dental group, we take special care in training our patients in good brushing and flossing habits.
  5. Avoid smoking and Tobacco – As we are all aware of side affects of smoking and tobacco, Smoking and tobacco can stain your teeth, gives you bad breath, chances of oral health and increases your chances of periodontal disease which increases inflammation around your teeth and results in losing teeth. Talk to our dentist how this affects your oral health.