Knocked out Tooth

Dental Emergency Do’s and Don’ts

Toothache Do's and Don'ts

Dental emergency – Knocked out Baby (Primary) tooth


  • Find the tooth and store in milk
  • Sooth the child
  • Go to the dentist asap
  • Try to see dentist regularly to monitor the development of baby and permanent teeth.


  • Do not try to put it back in your child’s mouth.
  • Do Not ignore baby teeth: Baby teeth are important for the correct development of permanent teeth.

Dental emergency – Knocked out Adult (Permanent) tooth


  • Stay Calm
  • Locate the tooth if it is fully out, pick it by the crown, avoid touching the root
  • Rinse the tooth in milk or under the tap for 1-2 seconds (put the plug on in the sink)
  • Try to insert the tooth back into the position, bleeding is normal, do not force it back in, once in gently bite on a gauze or tissue and see the dentist immediately within one hour
  • If you can’t place it back in, store the tooth in a small container in milk or saline solution and see your dentist asap.
  • If the tooth is wobbly, fold some aluminium foil over the area to cover and get to your dentist or hospital emergency department ASAP.
  • Always follow dentist’s instructions for your dental care, attend regular dental check-ups to monitor the situation.


  • Hold the tooth by the root
  • Force the tooth back in
  • Scrub the root surface
  • Store the tooth in water
  • Delay seeking dental treatment
  • Wrap tooth in tissue or cloth as doing this will try out the tooth

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