Broken Chipped tooth or filling

What should I do if my tooth or filling breaks?

Broken tooth filling

If you have broken part of your tooth or filling, you should see the dentist immediately. Getting it fixed straightaway can save you from pain, sensitivity and major dental work. If you leave your broken tooth or filling for a long period of time, it can result in decay leading to inflammation of the nerve in the tooth. Left unattended it can lead to pain, abscess, resulting in root canal treatment or loss of teeth.


White Fillings

At Heritage Dental Group, we use high quality white fillings to enhance the appearance of your teeth, replacing old dental amalgams and restoring areas of dental decay. Your dentist at Heritage Dental Group will examine your fillings and will let you know if your teeth are suitable for white fillings or if the the restoration so large that a crown is a better option. The procedure for white fillings is quick and painless. Restoration is placed in your tooth layer by layer and blue light is used to hardened the layers. Once the Dentist has finished filling your tooth, the filling is shaped and polished to the size of your tooth and the bite is checked. Your white filling will last for several years. It can get discoloured like other normal teeth from tea, coffee, red wine and other foods that can stain teeth.

Regular dental check-ups, brushing and flossing prolongs the life of your white fillings.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be used for strength, durability and tooth stability, or for cosmetic reasons to enhance the appearance of a tooth.

Crowns are often required when a tooth has been severely weakened, large restoration and is no longer structurally sound. This can be as a result of trauma, tooth decay, previous root canal therapy or even general wear over time.


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