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Heritage Dental Group was set up to allow everyone the opportunity to gain the best dental treatment with ease and convenience from experienced dentists whose motivation to come to work is to deliver great outcomes for their patient’s needs. For that, we started from scratch by investing in a brand new building downstairs while renovating and maintaining the original building upstairs. Our aim was to preserve the character of the original building and doing our utmost to preserve the historical heritage of the local area. We also invested in the latest equipment and made sure everything was easy to access for children, the elderly and those having special needs. We listened and made sure there was plenty of onsite parking for all our patient’s.

Everything about Heritage Dental Group.

The History of our Property

Heritage dental Group is located at a site where a dental practice was first approved to be set up by Dr John Morris in 1968. Dr Morris purchased the property which at the time was a run down rental property. He took the time to convert the old run-down house (even though he was advised by council to demolish the house) which had existed here since the turn of the century. Previous to it being used as rental property it was used as the Priest’s house for the Anglican Church located next door. More history to come.